Designs unfold for Fortuna Villa development

Above: Corner Chum and Booths Streets Bendigo circa 2017

Above: Proposed elevation at corner of Chum and Booth Streets, Bendigo

After the receipt of the planning permit for 79 architecturally designed contemporary dwellings at Bendigo’s historic “Fortuna Villa” in December 2016, we can now see the detailed design of the project unfolding, as these exciting, proposed ‘before and after’ images demonstrate.

Stage one construction, consisting of thirteen modern tri-level dwellings, with views out towards Mount Alexander, is set to commence this year. The exciting 55 million dollar project in the mansion grounds will sensitively allow for a unique medium destiny housing development, diversifying housing options available in Bendigo, whilst maintaining the integrity of the historic villa and a portion of the grounds and historic trees. Fortuna Villa will continue its revitalisation, and is open to the public for high teas and functions.

Stay tuned to the Tomkinson news page for more on this wonderful development as it unfolds!

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