High Court Decision On Bendigo Mosque

Mosque proposal

It is almost two years since the City of Greater Bendigo approved the planning application for development of a mosque and cultural centre made by Tomkinson Group on behalf of the Australian Islamic Mission.  On the 15th of June 2016 the High Court rejected a final appeal by objectors, citing that the appeal held little chance of success.

Our planning system does not allow for bias on the basis of religion, race or culture, but rather seeks to provide for considered decision making around strategic and efficient land use planning to meet the needs of all residents and communities.

The decision of the High Court means the planning permit issued by the City of Greater Bendigo is valid, and the Bendigo Islamic community can begin preparations for obtaining a building permit before construction work is undertaken at the site in Rowena Street, East Bendigo.

In a statement released by The Australian Muslims of Bendigo on the day the decision was handed down, they reiterated that “The Bendigo Islamic Centre will be a great asset to Bendigo. It will be a centre for understanding, education and cross cultural and inter-faith dialogue”

Since the gold rush, Bendigo has experienced the ebb and flow of cultural influences from people who chose to settle here from all over the world. We now have a heritage listed Joss House Temple, a fabulous Cathedral, a remarkable Stupa, and we look forward to the development of another dynamic place of worship, adding to our cultural melting pot, within the coming years.


Other iconic cultural and religious buildings in Bendigo – The Great Stupa


Other iconic cultural and religious buildings in Bendigo – The Joss House (Photo from Bendigo Tourism)


Other iconic cultural and religious buildings in Bendigo – The Sacred Heart Cathedral (Photo from unravelling.com.au)


Other iconic cultural and religious buildings in Bendigo – Greek Orthodox Church (Photo from the Bendigo Advertiser)