Planning Permit Application fees set to rise…

Over the last six months, the State Government has undertaken a review of planning and subdivision fees and Fee Regulations. Planning and environment fees have not been reviewed for more than ten years, and the new fees and fee structure brings them in line with other Council fees and regulations. The fees will come into effect as of October 13, and all Councils will be updating their fee schedules accordingly.

Updated State set fees will be applied to all planning applications prepared by Tomkinson Group from October 13th 2016.

Fees are now structured in fee units and will be subject to annual indexation according to the value of fee units set by the Treasurer under the Monetary Units Act 2004.

Through the Urban Development Institute of Australia, Tomkinson Group was involved in submissions to the State Government raising concerns about fee changes and implementation. We are pleased to note that some of those concerns were considered constructive and were acted upon with adjustments to the fees and processes.

You can view the new planning and subdivision fees here.

Responses to issues and concerns raised through public submissions can be found here.

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