Our Story

Our Story

About Us

Tomkinson provides comprehensive end-to-end project management for land development. We offer a suite of professional services covering all aspects of strategic and statutory planning, surveying and civil engineering.

Our services are tailored to meet individual client needs in an accurate, efficient and economical manner. Our services are flexible and can be adapted to suit private and public corporations and individuals, large and small projects. Our clients range from two lot-subdivision individuals through to major development companies and local governments and NGOs.

With more than 40 years’ experience and an established company presence in Bendigo, Torquay, Benalla, Melbourne and Sunbury, Tomkinson has geographical agility and coverage over core regional areas of Victoria. This regional expertise has been further enhanced by our incorporation of advances in technology and digital opportunities.

Land-use change is a particular field of expertise. We observe, learn and test ourselves every day to understand our changing world and find efficient and progressive ways to meet the challenges of related changes in land use. And we don’t engage in hashtag activism – we engage directly with communities, councils and legislators so that we make a meaningful difference to the regions and towns in which we operate.

Our Future

Tomkinson will continue to adapt in line with our on-going commitment to end-to-end service.

We are committed to broadening our range of services to ensure consistent provision of exceptional service to satisfy all client needs.

We will continue to work practically to help build Victoria’s resilience and develop practical options in land use and built form, so that we can embrace the future with confidence.

As Plan Melbourne develops, and the position of regional centres increases in significance and attraction, Tomkinson will provide innovative and responsive land and building development services to keep pace with change.

Our History

Tomkinson was established in Bendigo in 1973 by Paul Tomkinson, a licensed surveyor, to serve the growing land development needs of regional Victoria.

Paul had commenced his land-surveying career with the Commonwealth Forestry Commission in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). He spent weeks at a time in the rugged PNG mountains, where the sight of a stranger popping out from behind trees, let alone one with a theodolite in hand, was a first-ever for most local people.

Paul spent fifteen years in a variety of locations in the greater Bendigo region — he and his young family spent time in Central Bendigo, Ascot, Marong and Lockwood South as he grew the business, built relationships and explored the options of regional living. Paul was also an involved and committed Bendigonian, dedicating his time to the local community in various capacities — as a Councillor, Mayor, and member of various tennis, golf, pony and football clubs in the local area.

Our services have also expanded over the years in response to population, housing and commercial growth, and as the regulations governing land development have grown in depth and complexity. What started as a one-room surveying service quickly expanded to incorporate civil engineering and project management. And as the Victorian Planning Scheme took shape and complexities developed, town planning was added as a front-end service.

We now offer urban and regional, statutory and strategic planning, architectural oversight, land surveying and civil engineering, as well as an established network of complimentary expert consultants and the capacity to coordinate complete project management.

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