Town Planning

Tomkinson offers professional town planners with a diverse range of statutory and strategic town planning services, covering all facets of land use and development, including commercial and residential projects.

Town Planning is an essential part of any development project. Often the trickiest aspect, good planning will make follow-on construction work flow more smoothly.

  • Planning project management and coordination of strategic planning (amendments, policies, strategies) and statutory planning (industrial, residential, commercial)
  • Large and small scale development advice
  • Due diligence and site selection
  • Bushfire management statements
  • Vcat representation and/or expert witness services
  • Planning scheme amendments
  • Community consultation and representation
  • Policy review and assessment
  • Coordination of specialist professional experts (traffic engineers, landscape design) in the urban planning process
  • Urban and rural projects
  • Clause 54/55 assessment (rescode)
  • Planning panels representation


Land development surveying can take on many forms. Licensed surveyors are required whenever any of the following matters require professional attention on your behalf:

  • Determining exactly where the boundaries of your property are
  • Placing buildings or structures on or near your property boundaries
  • Claiming title to land areas under adverse possession
  • Subdividing your property or building
  • Giving advice on ownership rights, boundary disputes, easements, and a multitude of title based questions that can arise
  • Consolidating titles
  • Dealings involving crown land


Tomkinson employs a dedicated staff of civil engineers with skills in all phases of design associated with development of small to large scale sites.

Our engineers are experienced on a wide range of projects that ensures we provide proficient and reliable service to our clients. Tomkinson engineers are focused on the design balance of meeting required standards, economics and practicality.

Tomkinson’s engineers continually work on a wide range of Civil Engineering fields including: 

  • Rural and urban roads
  • Road intersections
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Stormwater retardation
  • Storm drainage hydrology and hydraulic dynamic modelling
  • Flood modelling for creeks and flood plains
  • Sewerage and sewer pump stations/systems
  • Water supply and recycled water supply
  • Earthworks
  • Water sensitive urban design
    Project management

Project Management

Tomkinson provides complete project management for our clients. We can manage a project from conception to completion, allowing our client to use their valuable time elsewhere.

The land development process is an increasingly complicated process, with a multitude of paths. Our Project Management Team has a great understanding of this process as well as and tired and tested ability to negotiate with government authorities and contractors to gain effective results.

We also have a substantial network of sub-consultants to assist in working through specialist issues that may arise. Our service is tailored to fit each client’s needs, from initial feasibility to full management of projects.

Our services include:

  • Management from concept to completion
  • Feasibility preliminary development cost estimates and concept layouts
  • Project auditing
  • Bank reports and draw down reports
  • Contract preparation and administration
  • Project programming
  • Project cash flows
  • Contract superintendant
  • Authority and contractor negotiations
  • Consultations with user groups
  • Project management plans

Our Offices

Geographical Agility

We have an established company presence in Bendigo, Torquay, Benalla, Melbourne and Sunbury. Tomkinson has geographical agility and coverage over core regional areas of Victoria. This regional expertise has been further enhanced by our incorporation of advances in technology and digital opportunities.


57 Myers Street (PO Box 421), Bendigo VIC 3552
T: 03 5445 8700


12/99-101 Western Ave, Westmeadows  VIC 3049
T: 03 8746 9988


10/6-8 Boston Rd, Torquay VIC 3228
T: 03 5261 3788


2/61-63 Reid St, Wangaratta  VIC 3677
T: 03 5718 0151

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