Back to basics - 1990s

Australia entered the 1990s with the recession we had to have.

With Pauls tenacity, his wife Kathy’s support, and making some very difficult decisions along the way, Tomkinson survived this period of economic downturn and uncertainty.   

The Melbourne operation was sold to the local management team (it continued on as Brown-Tomkinson, then Brown, and is currently Calibre Consulting) allowing the now, Tomkinson Group to focus on its regional origins and maintain and build on their local expertise and knowledge to ride out the storm.

The Bendigo office was the rudder for the company, and along with a small office in Sunbury bookending the regional/Melbourne offering, Paul’s focus was on slowly building the business back up.

Paul began to regroup and was soon acquiring small surveying companies in Benalla, Castlemaine and Apollo Bay, keeping it local and maintaining the companys breadth of experience.

Technological advances continued through the decade and were accelerated by the early days of the internet and its adoption into business processes – it became time for Tomkinson to have a website. 

Tomkinson Group was back on solid ground by the end of the 1990’s and ready for what the new millennial was about to bring..

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