A true legacy - 2010s

Entering our fifth decade, technological change continued creating a faster, safer and more precise foundation for urban planning and infrastructure development, allowing Tomkinson to deliver higher levels of quality and service to our clients. Out with the fax and the CRT monitor and in with QA accreditation, laser scanning and drones, banks of flat screen monitors, GIS and point cloud.

 Major changes were also happening within our organisation – our founder, Paul Tomkinson had spent the last 40 years building the business, navigating it through change, attracting and retaining skilled and experienced staff and building relationships with our clients based on trust and quality – however the time had come to structure the business for success when he retired.


We started the 2010s by redefining the company
with Paul Tomkinson, Andrea Tomkinson and John Guise as co-Directors.

Paul stepped back from day to day leadership but remained on the Board and took on the role of valued mentor, encouraging John and Andrea to re-shape the organisation and make the changes needed to lead the company into the future.

 Tomkinson has set itself as a leader in regional development and an active participant in the growth of our industry. We’ve come a long way from our early days where using chains was the standard of measuring – although we still have one hanging on a peg for posterity.

 Along the journey, through all the changes, the merges and expansion, regrouping through tougher economic times, Tomkinson’s ability to adapt to and embrace change is testament to our resilience and excellence in service..

Our stability as an organisation and our knowledge of the regions in which we work has been an important part of Tomkinsons success. 

Through our commitment to continuous improvement Tomkinson not just survived but thrived, remaining the provider of choice for many clients who have been with us throughout the last fifty years.

Through his role on the Board, advice and guidance, Paul remained an active part of Tomkinson up until his passing in January 2021, leaving us to begin the 2020s without our rudder.

Andrea and John continue to channel Paul’s determination and confidence in making decisions and changes for the company. To this day, we think the company remains philosophically a family-based operation and we like to think all of us carry Pauls high standards into the future.

We are proud to continue on the work and vision of our Founder, Paul Tomkinson – in the relationships we have built, contributing to the communities we have helped shape, and our ability to continue to deliver the level of quality service our clients and communities have come to expect from us over the last 50 years.

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