Mosque at VCAT

VCAT’s August 6th decision approved a Planning Permit for development of Bendigo’s first mosque, to service the growing Muslim population, who have thus far been using a spare room at La Trobe University for religious observance.

Back in 2014, Tomkinson Group coordinated, prepared and submitted a planning permit application on behalf of The Australian Islamic Mission. The application went through the standard planning process, with referral to authorities and public advertising, and was ultimately supported by Council despite heated public debate.

The ups and downs of the proposed Mosque played out very publicly in the media, and Tomkinson Group has maintained throughout the process that there are no planning policy reasons why a mosque cannot be supported at the proposed location, in the same way that a Cathedral was supported for Bendigo, and a Chinese Joss House – all contentious in their day.

It was pleasing to have our clients demonstrate dignity and restraint in the face of a very public scare campaign. We will be watching with great interest the building progress of Bendigo’s first mosque, and hoping for an invitation to Eid celebrations once the Muslim community is ready to host us in their beautiful new premises.

Find the VCAT decision here

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