50th Anniversary Celebrations! Our journey through the 1980s

The developer’s complete consultant – 1980s At the beginning of the decade, PT Tomkinson and Associates, now having expanded services with the addition of engineering became “the developer’s complete consultant”. Retaining its Bendigo base, the business also established a wider presence across the development industry including the Melbourne office which now employed 100 staff – …

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Community Involvement

With the first shoots of Spring in the air this week, many of our clients and staff will be involved in finals of junior sporting competitions. We wish you all good luck and remind everyone of the Code of Behaviour that applies – this is kids’ sport and not the AFL, so a great opportunity …

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Sustainability and Progress

Innovation, particularly information technology innovation has been accelerating rapidly. Consider for a moment that 40 years ago the first personal computer was invented and just 10 years ago smartphones entered the marketplace. Today, roughly 50% of the world own a smartphone of some capacity. The rapid innovation in computer technology becomes even more incredible when …

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Global Surveyors Day

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day was set in motion nearly 3,000 years ago when Egyptian surveyors first utilised surveying techniques to subdivide land around the Nile into plots for taxation purposes. Over the course of time surveyors have remained pioneers of their field, playing a fundamental role in land development, from the planning and …

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