Fortuna Villa Estate

Discipline : Project Management, Town Planning, Engineering, Surveying

Client : Fortuna Villa Estate Pty Ltd

Location : Booth and Chum Streets, Bendigo

Consultants : Tomkinson Group

Council : City of Greater Bendigo

Tomkinson Group has provided key town planning, engineering, surveying and project management services for the redevelopment of Bendigo’s iconic Fortuna Villa. Over the last 12 months, we have been involved in consultation with Heritage Victoria, Council Planning, Heritage & Engineering, Environmental, Landscape and Heritage consultants all working cooperatively towards a sensitive urban renewal residential design for the site.

The planning permit application was approved in 2016 and construction is set to start in late 2017.

The residential development is great opportunity for the proposed re-invigoration of Bendigo’s historic “Fortuna Villa”, and Tomkinson Group is proud to be an integral part of the process.

The concept consists of 79 high end architecturally designed townhouses, built to subtly enjoy the beautiful views and acres of parkland once part of the mansion estate. The exciting 55 million dollar project proposed for the mansion grounds will sensitively allow for a unique medium density housing development, diversifying the housing options available in Bendigo, whilst maintaining the integrity of the historic Villa and a portion of the grounds, which will be open to the public for high teas and functions.

The project is not without its challenges however. The topography is steep, the soil has been contaminated and contains fill from mining days, and the historic aspects of the property must be treated with a great deal of care, however the positives far outweigh the negatives. Together with the architect and client we have resolved these issues to allow this exciting development to proceed. The site has an idyllic central city location, fantastic views of both Bendigo and the Villa itself, and the established grounds provide an attractive aesthetic basis for the proposed residences.


A Spot of History

“Fortuna Villa” was established in 1855 by JTC Ballerstedt, who added to and expanded the impressive mansion periodically until he sold the estate to George Lansell for the sum of 20,000 pounds in 1871. George Lansell spared no expense in the estates embellishment to accommodate his second wife Edith and their six children. The house was complemented with extensive landscaping, which included thirteen acres of spacious grounds with five lakes, gazebos, a boat shed and jetties, a tennis court and pavilion, garden seats, a small fountain adjacent to the conservatory, new entrance gates, gravel paths and drives. In 1942 Fortuna Villa was requisitioned by the Commonwealth under the National Security Act 1939 and remained in use as Army Headquarters Survey Regiment until privately purchased by today’s owners in 2013.

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